Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter the 98th NWS International Open Exhibition?

This exhibition is OPEN to NWS Members and Non Members, 18 years of age and older. NWS Members pay a lower entry fee.

There are two NWS websites. Which do I use for my entry?

NWS EXHIBITION ENTRY WEBSITE: This is where you create an ENTRY ACCOUNT and enter the 2018 International Open Exhibition. This Entry Account is for this exhibition only. Each new exhibition requires that you will need to create your account again.

What is the other NWS website?

NWS Membership website: This is where your NWS membership resides, you pay dues, sign up for workshops, view newsletters, etc.

How do I become an NWS Member?

Go to: click here Fill out the membership form and pay the $50 fee.

Where can I download the prospectus?

Download the Prospectus, by clicking on the button on this home page.

What does it mean to Create Account?

When you enter your email and password, you have created your Entry Account for this exhibition only. BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN THE EMAIL AND PASSWORD FOR FUTURE ACCESS TO THIS EXHIBITION ( DO NOT CREATE A 2nd ACCOUNT.

What if I forget my password?

Click on LOGIN. Click on FORGOT PASSWORD. If your new password doesn't show up in your email, check SPAM folder. If all else fails, send your question and telephone# to: or

Your site looks funny on my computer.

Safari or Chrome browsers work best. Download Chrome for FREE at click here

How do I pay?

After you have uploaded your artwork, you next go to the payment page where you check the box for Member - $40 OR Non Member - $60, and then to PayPal. You pay through PayPal one of two ways: (1) personal PayPal account or (2) as a guest using your credit card.

What if I forget if I have an entry account?

Try LOGIN with your email and the password you think you might have used. If that doesn't work, click on FORGOT PASSWORD. If you don't get a new password in your incoming email, check SPAM folder. If all else fails, send your question and telephone# to: or

What do I do when I have a problem with the website?

Log Out. Clear the history out of your browser. Don't let your computer autofill any information when you LOGIN or fill in personal or artwork information.

Can I change my entry image?

NO, you cannot change your entry image after you have completed your entry.

What if I started my Entry Account and didn't finish paying?

LOGIN using your Entry Account email and password. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ENTRY ACCOUNT.

My image will not upload. What do I do?

The image needs to be a .jpg, saved at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) and 2000 pixels on the longest side (about 2MB). REFRESH your browser and try again. Make sure that the extension on your image is .jpg not .jpeg.

Error messages pop up when I enter the price and size of my painting. What should I do?

Price: Use only numbers, no $ sign, no comma, i.e., 1995 (Not $1,995). Size: Use only whole numbers, to the nearest inch, with one in each box for height or width, i.e., 22. (Not 22.5 nor 22 1/2". No symbols such as x or quotation marks for inch, i.e., 22" x 30".) Enter just one number per box.

How do I close the FAQ box?

Click on the NWS logo.